Demand Estimation

  • Here are some notes on demand estimation I wrote when I was a teaching fellow for Econ 2610 (graduate industrial organization) at Harvard. I relied heavily on Frank Pinter's excellent notes to draft these. Thanks also to Jeff Gortmaker for suggestions.

General Programming Tips and Tricks

  • Here are some slides I wrote that give a general overview of optimization and parallelization techniques. They are meant to be language-agnostic, and to give you a sense of what's going on "under the hood" when you use optimization and parallel programming packages.


  • Here is a repository containing lots of Julia programming resources, including links to resources from programming workshops I have co-organized.

  • Here is a video of me introducing DSGE.jl, the Julia package I created with the DSGE team at the New York Fed, at JuliaCon 2016.